Board of Trustees

In response to the deterioration of coastal resources in the Philippines, the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation was formed by a group of concerned and talented individuals to address some critical marine conservation needs of the country.

Over the years, the Board of Trustees of CCE Foundation has served as a guiding light for the Foundation staff and has been key in the growth and success of the organization. Consisting of marine and social scientists, education and community organizing experts, and institutional development and financial consultants; the Foundation enjoys a sustainable and rich learning environment with the greater vision of responsible leadership, sustainable resource management, rich coastal habitats, and healthy, responsible communities.

Alan White
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Dr. Alan T. White is a Senior Scientist for the Global Marine Initiative of the Nature Conservancy and is based in Hawaii, U.S.A. He received his Masters in Management from the School for International Training in Vermont and his doctorate in Geography from the University of Hawaii, U.S.A. Dr. White has worked on projects in coastal resource management in the Philippines since 1978 through Silliman University and the Coastal Resource Management Project supported by the United States Agency for International Development.
Evangeline Eban-White
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Mrs. Evangeline Eban White is a founding member of Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce with a major in Banking and Finance at Saint Paul College of Manila, Philippines. She also has units in Business Administration and Accounting at the Rhode Island State Business School, U.S.A. She has been managing the Saving Philippine Reefs Research Expeditions annually since 1992 through the support of Earthwatch Expeditions and expedition volunteers. Mrs. White is a founding member of the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc. with her husband, Dr. Alan White, and has been actively involved in coastal management and research activities in the Philippines and in Sri Lanka since the early 1990s. She used to be the Volunteer Coordinator of Waikiki Aquarium in honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Patrick Christie
Coastal Resource Management Advisor
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Dr. Patrick Christie is a professor at the School of Marine Affairs in the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Dr. Christie received his Masters in Conservation Biology and his Doctorate in Natural Resources and Environment in the University of Michigan, U.S.A. Dr. Christie’s current research projects consider the human dimensions of marine protected area networks, tribal perspectives on the state of Puget Sound, and the feasibility of marine ecosystem-based management in tropical contexts. He was recently selected as a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation. He has led various comparative, socio-ecological research projects in the Philippines and Indonesia on the practice of marine resource management.
Evelyn Deguit
Community Work Advisor
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Mrs. Evelyn T. Deguit is the Team Leader of the NZAP-funded Camguin Coastal Resource Management Project 2. Mrs. Deguit received a Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Silliman University in Dumaguete City, and completed her Masters of Science in Social Work in the Asian Social Institute in Malate Manila, Philippines. Her work experience includes community development management in several coastal management projects and she is also a part-time professor in social work and research at St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City
Thomas Mueller
Institutional Development Advisor
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Dr. Thomas J. Mueller is an Independent Educational Consultant based in California, U.S.A. Dr. Mueller received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Loyola University of Los Angeles and his Ph.D. in Biology (Neurobiology) from the University of Southern California, U.S.A. Dr. Mueller served on the faculty of Harvey Mudd College from 1981 to 1995 and helped found the Biology Department there. Since 1995, Dr. Mueller has been working as an independent faculty teaching development consultant for higher education.
Willian Jatulan
Vice President
May Elizabeth Ybañez
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May Elizabeth Segura-Ybañez holds the highest position as the Executive Director of the prestigious and multi-awarded Cebu Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc (CCCI) with its seats in the Central Visayas Regional Development Council, Cebu Provincial Development Council, Cebu City Development Council, Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board, Chair of Cebu Provincial Development Council Infrastructure Committee, Cebu CDC Economic Committee, Co-Chair Integrity Circle, Kto12PLUS Philippine Project Steering Committee, Coordinating Roads and Infrastructure Investments for Development Project, Watershed Quality Management Area Governing Board, among others. She is an ex-officio member of the Board of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cebu Common Treatment Facility Inc. and Cebu Electronic Resource Recovery Inc. She is a trustee of the Coastal Conservation Education Foundation and former President of the Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation and the St. Theresa’s Alumnae Board. She has hands-on experience in organizing and mobilizing the various TVET Clusters of various industries i.e. tourism, construction and food manufacturing in partnership with the AFOS Foundation for Entrepreneurial Development.