Al Jiereil Lozada | November 09, 2017

The meeting with CLEAR-7 started with reports from various Agencies and Local Government Units. In Cebu City, various issues were raised out such as lack of enforcement, lack of personnel, intrusion of
commercial fishing vessels on municipality waters. Similar reports were heard from other areas. One of the guest speaker was from the Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Md. Nazrul Anwar. The speaker spoke of his learning here in the Philippines. He also presented of an overview of the fisheries sector of his country.

Michiko Je Bito-on | November 08, 2017

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in coordination with the Tañon Strait Protected Seascape- Protected Area Management Bureau (TSPS- PAMB) hosted the Research Forum- All About Tañon Strait at St. Mark Hotel, Camputhaw, Cebu City.

Of primary importance to the event is the sharing of research products, on-going studies and pipeline research relating to Tañon Strait.

Increasing human activity at Tañon Strait has affected the behavior of dolphins, among other creatures.

Aileen Maypa | September 27, 2017

As CCEF scales up with its coastal resource management initiatives in Siquijor Province, the capacity of local government partners including the Province, are also expected to increase. We are currently implementing Project SUSTAIN (Strengthening and up-scaling through trainings, alliance building, institutionalization and networking of MPAs) in Siquijor Province through the support of UNICO Conservation Foundation in Australia.

Michiko Je Bito-on | September 26, 2017


Aileen Maypa | September 08, 2017

Coral reefs are home to tens of thousands of fish and marine organisms that we depend on for food, livelihood and employment. However, to date, coral reefs are threatened from both the negative impacts of climate change and human disturbance. Sharp declines in the abundance and biomass of commercially important reef fish species (target species) were documented in MPAs situated in the eastern side of Siquijor Province with more than 90% coral damage, after typhoon Pablo (Maypa et al. 2013, Maypa et. al. 2014) .

Michiko Je Bito-on | September 03, 2017

"The Province of Cebu should make sure that projects of the government are under the prescribed powers under the Local Government Code," said Rommel Kirit, senior environment specialist of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO).

Aileen Maypa | August 30, 2017

Over the years, many studies have documented that marine protected areas (MPAs) are effective tools for biodiversity conservation, fisheries benefits and livelihood through ecotourism. Since early 2000, CCEF has been a partner of Siquijor Province in various Coastal Resource Management Projects (CRM) including MPA establishment, monitoring and management. To date, the Province has 21 MPAs and its management comes with challenges and successes. One of the biggest MPA challenge is how to sustain enforcement.

Michiko Je Bito-on | July 03, 2017

The Binoongan Women’s Association (BWA) is a beacon of hope for many coastal communities in Siquijor. As collective of 16 women, it is now accomplishing the necessary documentation for accreditation as an official people’s organization.

Michiko Je Bito-on | May 24, 2017

Two computer units were donated by CCEF for use at Barangay Banilad Hall and Banilad Elementary School last May 23. The official turnover was done between Moonyeen Alava, executive director of CCEF and Inday Ouano, a councilor of Barangay Banilad.
One donated unit was placed at the Gender and Development (GAD) desk of the barangay, to be used for official clerical tasks. The other unit was given to the office of the principal of Banilad Elementary School for its official use.

Michiko Je Bito-on | May 10, 2017

The Central Visayas Network of NGOs held its 11th General Assembly at the Gansewinkel Hall , University of San Carlos, Cebu City last April 27 to 29. With the theme “Valuing Civil Society Organization Engagement with Government”, the thrust of the event was to create a dialogue and discussion among Civil Service Organizations (CSOs) within the region and consult representatives on the status and future of Philippine Democracy.