Siquijor Marine Protected Area Network

To address continuing challenges in many coastal communities, SIMPRaNet facilitates the scaling up of community-based Marine Protected Area management to a provincial MPA network.

Project description

The effectiveness of locally managed Marine Protected Areas can be enhanced if they are made to work together as a network of MPAs. The six municipalities of the Province of Siquijor received assistance in improving the management of their MPAs so that these local MPAs become a provincial MPA network. A coordinating body called the Provincial Marine Protected Areas Technical Support (PMPATS) was created to support the institutionalization of the 17 community-based MPAs found in the six municipalities.

One of the benefits strongly felt by all municipalities was the improvement of law-enforcement initiatives which was a result of the harmonization of ordinances. This made it easier to protect critical marine habitats on a much larger scale. The harmonized ordinances also benefited the Provincial Bantay Dagat and greatly enabled them to limit the occurrence of illegal fishing activities.