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Nusa Marine Reserve

Year established: 
Local, community managed

Nusa, CagayancilloPalawan, Philippines


The creatiom of the MPA hopes to achieve the ff.
1. To form a fishery breeding ground where fish and other marine life could replenish and grow in order to enhance fisheries productivity.
2. To conserve and protect delicate and critical coastal habitats as mangroves area, seagrass beds and fringing reefs which serve as home of different marine life.
3. To establish a community group who will deal with the conservation and management of the reserve areas1. Survey/mapping including boundary coordinates

1. Survey/mapping including boundary coordinates
2. Public hearing with regards to establishment
3. Drafting.approval of Brgy. Resolution endorsing the establishment of marine reserve
4. Approval of municipal Ordinance
5. Orientation/lectures on Marine reserve importance
6. Procurement of mooring/anchor buoys
7. Placement of mooring buoys
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